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Skin Whitening Forever Review – Does it Work?

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If you’re wondering how can I whiten my skin at home easily and safely then you have landed in the right place. Skin Whitening Forever is a 75 page eBook was written by Eden Diaz who is a specialized skin care consultant in the US.

In short, Skin Whitening Forever delves into the many parts that make up home skin whitening such as the ingredients to use, the method to follow and the lifestyle changes recommended to achieve results.

Diaz looks at the holistic approach to natural skin whitening, meaning that when you treat the body as the whole entity it impacts all areas of your health, including beauty.

It is strongly believed that following a holistic approach you will have better success at getting the results you want. And also note that the methods outlined in this book are not just for women, skin whitening for men can also be achieved by following this strategy.


This book takes a look at the different aspects that show you how to naturally whiten skin. Each chapter discusses these points and leaves you with a clear understanding of what habits need to be broken, the best ingredients for skin whitening and the diet tips that are recommended to get the results you desire.

Simply put, Diaz tells you what you need to avoid to keep dark spots, freckles, blemishes, and other skin conditions to a minimum. Then she offers a complete ingredients list of the all of the fruits, vegetables, herbs, dairy products, and essential oils that can be used for organic skin whitening and how to use them.

Does Skin Whitening Forever work?

Yes! There is absolutely no doubt that if the methods stated in Skin Whitening Forever are followed they do work. This is evident from the many positive testimonials customers have made including from those who have tried skin lightening for dark skin and underarm whitening (some of the harder skin to whiten).

The catch is, you must implement the dietary changes, lifestyle choices, and skin care regimens that are outlined in the book. If you are not seeing the results that you hoped for, it might be due to you not changing your diet, continuing habits that are bad for your skin, or not using the natural skin lightening recipes daily.

Each person will react differently to the methods and it will require a little bit of time to know which recipe works best for your skin type. Diaz goes over the different types of skin in this book which helps you to know what causes the dark spots so you can change your habits and be successful.

So to answer the question,

“Does Skin Whitening Forever work?”

The answer is yes, it does.

Here is what some customers have said:

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Is it hard to implement Skin Whitening Forever?

The instructions in the book are simple to follow making it very easy to implement. They outline how to make your skin whiter fast at home so you will easily understand what it will take do skin lightening forever.

From inside the book:

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Realistically, a big factor other than applying the actual methods is that your habits, diet and lifestyle will also play a big part in your results.

If you are a smoker that might be something that is very hard for you to give up, but is essential in order to have whiter skin.

Should you enjoy the great outdoors it will require you to use sunscreen, hats, and other ways to keep yourself from getting too much sun.

Your diet also has a great deal to do with the success of the whitening, and you might find it hard to make those adjustments.

However, this holistic approach to whiten your skin naturally is certainly worth the effort. Each person will have a different experience when implementing the necessary habits, diet, and regimen for this process.

In the end if whiter skin is what you desire than it is certainly will be worth the time and effort investment to whiten your skin using methods that won’t harm your long term health, or add to skin problems.

A skin whitening formula from inside the book:

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What ingredients and equipment do I need to make the products at home?

There is a long list of ingredients that can be used in the recipes for home remedies for skin whitening. All of the items are plant based and easy to find at many grocery stores. Some of the items include lemons, rose water, turmeric, cucumbers, basil, tomatoes, and papaya to name a few.

Each ingredient is listed individually within the book and their specific skin lightening effects are discussed. In another chapter recipes are listed using these different ingredients as a base, such as papaya skin whitening recipes, and then the other ingredients are added to make the paste.

Making the whitening formulas is relatively easy and there is no cooking involved. By using the ingredients shown in the book you will quickly learn how to get white skin naturally.

Why is homemade better than brand name?

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So if you’re now asking yourself, “Why should I whiten my skin using homemade products instead of using over the counter or prescription creams?” The answer is that natural methods have no harmful side effects. Drug Store products that use hydroquinone and other ingredients can cause damage to your skin If you go with commercial products look for ones that are bleaching cream without hydroquinone.

While some of the skin disorders that have resulted in people using these products are rare, there is still a chance that they will harm you. The jury is still out in regards to whether or not hydroquinone causes cancer and the ingredient is still on the US government watch list.

Even if you never suffer severe effects from the products containing hydroquinone, you might hurt your skin by drying it out, increasing sensitivity, or subjecting yourself to bad sunburns. All of these adverse effects can cause more damage to your skin which will result in dark spots.

It is better to use natural methods to keep your overall health in check as well as to lighten your skin tone. So in short the home remedy method is by far the safest method to follow.

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When will I see results?

Your skin regenerates about every 30 days give or take. It takes about that long to see results using just about any method you choose. As old skin cells die and are buffed away, new skin cells are created to take their place. When you change your diet, habits and use the natural skin bleach methods, you will see noticeable changes in a month’s time.

You might see some small results sooner than that, but the full effect won’t really take place until your skin cells have had a chance to go through a full cycle.

What can the results look like?

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Skin Whitening Forever shows you how to lighten your skin using natural methods and it works! So long as you keep up with the suggested skin care ingredients, diet and habits you will see permanent skin lightening.

These methods are definitely worth the time and energy they take to implement and they will leave you feeling fabulous about yourself.

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